Let's be honest, it's not every day that you get alterations done, let alone alterations on your wedding gown. Alterations are a big deal! You can find the perfect dress, but if you encounter problems in your alterations process, it can all be ruined. It's kind of like taking your car to the mechanic. You know you need to have it done, but you don't know if they are going to truly fix it or take advantage of you. 
Thankfully, you don't have to worry about that with Emma & Grace because we have been doing in-house alterations for the past 10 years. We have experience and knowledge to alter our dresses, so one of the wonderful things of working with us is that you are buying the dress from the same person who knows how to alter it.
You many be thinking, what does this mean, and why is this important? 


Our in-house alteration team keeps our sales staff accountable during the selling process. What does that mean? It means we won't tell you adjustments or customizations can be done unless they actually can. At other bridal salons that don't have in-house alterations, it is easy for a stylist to make promises about alterations to get a sale but they have no accountability to if it actually can be done.
The process of altering a wedding gown is complicated, so with us, our sales staff is trained by our alterations department on each wedding gown in the studio. Our stylists can also always go and ask the seamstress directly or bring her out to look at the bride in the dress in real time. When quotes or commitments are made in alterations, those are all clearly noted so that we stay on the same page. We are not only invested in helping you find your gown, but making sure it fits perfectly as well.


Dresses are ordered according to that designers size chart, alterations are always necessary to get it to fit your body perfect. Our goal is to order the dress as close to your body as possible to you, but let's be real, everybody's body is different so thats why alterations are necessary. Since we do alterations in-house we do not get kick backs for referring you to a specific seamstress and we do not change the price based off of what designer you have. 

Transparent pricing: Our alteration pricing is based off of what you need/want done opposed to a blanket fee. Plus, we charge based off of the amount of time it will take to get the work done. So if we have to take the dress in a 1/2 a inch or 2 inches, it is the same prices. General alteration pricing for to get the dress to fit can range from $500-$900 (please note that tickets can fall above or below this based off what is necessary).

If you would like to do something unique to your dress like add sleeves, lower a back, etc, we can do that! We are one of the only studios that alters and designs so we have experience to bring your vision to life! Doing these things will add additional fees but our seamstresses can give you quotes before you decide to move forward. 


Our seamstress have years of experience and are highly trained to work with the designers that we have in the studio. They work on gowns by our designers everyday, so they know each dress inside and out... literally! Would you rather have someone work on your gown that has never worked on that designer or someone that works on that designer everyday?
Our seamstresses are also wedding designers, that means they understand construction better than an average tailor because they also make wedding gowns in the studio.
We are good at what we do! We always have waitlists to work with our alterations team. 


You are not just a number to us. We were invested in helping you find you gown and are invested in getting it to fit you perfectly. Should any concern arise, you are speaking with your seamstress, stylist, and/or owner/manager. We all work together as a team, and you will not get stuck between the company that sold you the dress and the company altering it. 


If you purchase your gown with us, it doesn't leave the studio throughout the whole process! Sometimes other bridal shops will bring in an outside contractor to do alterations in their studio, which means they will be transporting your gown back and forth between each appointment or sewing on the gowns in their home. We sew on all of our gowns in our studio, so they stay protected.

In addition, if something happens to your gown beyond repair while in our care, we have relationships with the designers and will get you a new dress. This has never happened, but we have that safety net that outside seamstress do not have.


Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, it is our goal to take some of the stress and pressure out of the process. We are a one stop shop. We will be with you from the moment you walk in to select a dress to the moment you are picking it up for your wedding. All while, making it as seamless as we possibly can. 


You have a voice in your alterations, and we want to hear how you are feeling! You can customize your dress, you can choose which bustle you would like and ultimately you can choose to do your alterations elsewhere if you would like. We do not require that you do you alterations with us! You are always more then welcome to get a quote with us and quotes of other seamstresses. At the end of the day, we want what is best for you!