Emma & Grace Gives: Community


We believe in GOODNESS.

We believe in HOPE.

We believe in GIVING BACK.

Every day we try to remember how much we have been given and how much we have to be thankful for. We love our city, we love our staff, we love our brides and we love that every day we have the privilege to be apart of one of the biggest days of a woman's life. Beyond that, we love that we get to give back to those in our community.

One of Emma & Grace's core mission statements is giving back to those in our city. We believe the world can be a very hard place, and so we monthly give and volunteer at organizations that help women and children in need. These organizations are doing an amazing job at fighting human trafficking, homelessness, abuse and so many other problems that plague our streets. We love what these organizations are doing, and feel privileged to partner with them in their work. We'd love for you to know about these amazing places!  



A21 mission is simple: to end slavery and human trafficking. A21 partners with authorities to secure the freedom of victims and the conviction of human traffickers through programs like hotlines, child advocacy centers, identification trainings, and legal support. In addition, they empower survivors of human trafficking on their unique journey toward restoration and independence through programs like holistic aftercare, safe accommodation, and relocation services.


iEmpathize is an organization that equip adults to empower youth to eradicate exploitation. Centered upon empathy, the organization works to actively prevent human trafficking while also providing programs for the survivors of exploitation.  

Reclaiming Hope

Reclaiming Hope aids victims of human trafficking in the rescue, restoration and reintegration process by addressing their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Open Door Ministries

Open Door Ministries exists to provide practical help and hope to people in urban Denver who are homeless or low income. Our primary objective is to move people toward self-sufficiency by helping change the circumstances and life patterns that have held them captive to poverty and addictions. Through 17 distinct programs, we focus on tangible needs like food, shelter, access to education and employment training, as well as intangible needs such as friendship, hope, and Christian spiritual guidance. Since the issues faced by our friends tend to have many layers, Open Door has learned that the best way to help them succeed is to surround them with support, holistically empowering them to overcome obstacles, attain self-sufficiency, and thrive.

emma & Grace bridal in Denver Colorado partners with the gathering place

The Gathering Place  

The Gathering Place is the only daytime drop-in center in metropolitan Denver that serves women and their children who are experiencing poverty, many of whom are also experiencing homelessness.



Our vision is to see rural communities in Uganda develop using sustainable solutions that give hope and dignity to the most vulnerable. Each of Musana’s initiatives play a role in building a resilient, self-sustaining community, free of dependency on foreign aid. 


    Thrive is an employment support program that helps people overcome barriers and work their way to self-sufficiency and stability through employment.  Thrive offers a holistic approach to healing brokenness and eliminating poverty through relationships, employment support services, and skills development. Thrive members build confidence and develop the tools they need to establish a work history, stay in a job, improve their income, and advance to economic self-sufficiency.