ADVICE | Brides Share Their Best Wedding Planning Advice

Ever wish you could ask someone for advice on how to keep your sanity while planning a wedding? No worries, we did just that for you! We reached out to past Emma & Grace brides to share their knowledge on everything they learned while planning their wedding! 

Work Ahead

"Get all the little details done in those “middle months” when all the big things are booked, but you have a ways to go before the wedding. I thought I was done with all the wedding planning at this point, so I was just counting down the days and not doing anything else to prep for the wedding. Then, when we had a month to go, all chaos came wildly through the door. There was SO much to be done that we hadn’t thought of! All the small, homemade crafts and such were what stressed us out the most in the final month. I’d advise any bride to really think about every single thing you’ll need to collect/make and do it ahead of time. You really don’t want to be doing anything in the final weeks, because there’s so many other things that come up, and you want to be present when friends and family start gathering in town."- Emily


Check In Often

"I’d suggest regrouping with your partner every few months during the planning process to check in with your original goals and budget. It’s easy to let things get off track, particularly with vision and budget, and it’s good to check in with each other to make sure you are making decisions together." -Jess


Hire the Right Vendors

"One thing you can do to help you not stress about the small things is to hire a “day-of” wedding planner. This was a great option for us because we could do everything ourselves leading up to the wedding and then we had a professional to help us during the final days for planning. Find vendors that you love and connect with!"-Margaret

Don't Stress the Small Stuff 

"Now that the wedding is over, I am glad I didn't spend too much time stressing about the small stuff. It's easy to get caught up in name tags, table organization, decorative items, etc. My mom, sister and a few friends helped me refocus on what's important, and that's the marriage. I enjoyed all details from major to minor, but once those church doors opened and I saw my groom at the end of the aisle, all of the details and stresses of planning faded and it was about us. And that is what's important. Stay focused on what is going to matter 30 years from now, and that's you and your husband."-Mackenzi


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