ADVICE | First Year of Marriage

Are you engaged and not quite sure what to expect once the wedding is over? Or maybe you’re a newlywed and curious about what this next year will look like? We thought it would be helpful to sit down with some of our past brides and ask them about being a newlywed! We caught up with some of our Emma & Grace brides and asked them one simple question: “What’s the biggest thing you learned during your first year of marriage?” We hope you enjoy reading what they had to say! 


Communication is Everything. 

"I would say the biggest thing we’ve learned in our first year of marriage is to speak the other’s language. Communication is everything and we spend a lot of our time learning how to best love, communicate, and comfort each other in ways that each other understand, even if it’s not the way we would normally do or say something. Marriage is awesome and so refining!" -Haley


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You Married Him Because.... 

"Never forget why you fell in love with him to begin with. Life doesn't slow down or get easier after your married, so every time he puts another dirty dish in the sink instead of in the dishwasher, remember you didn't marry him because he's a good housekeeper, you married him because he... "fill in the blank"..., for me, he supports my dreams and believes I'm capable of anything. Easier said than done, but a very important lesson!" -Emily

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I Can't Wait to Sit Shotgun.

"After being married for a year, my husband and I have never been closer; we've had many highs, a few lows, we've laughed more, loved more and challenged each other more than during our entire 9 year relationship. There are certains quirks each of us hold that have come to the forefront more now that we are married. My husband has adjusted well to my cleanliness obsession, while I have accepted that he will reorganize the dishwasher up to his par after I load it. We've shared this first year with each other, friends, family and our adorable rescue puppy, Finn. (He makes a pretty cute dog dad ;) If this first year of marriage is a preview of what our life together is going to be like, I can't wait to sit shotgun and enjoy the ride." - Mackenzi

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"The biggest thing that I've learned during my first year of marriage is to compromise and to always voice how I'm feeling - my husband cannot and will never be able to read my mind. I've also learned that no matter how many times I rearrange the dishwasher, he still doesn't understand that there is a right way and wrong way to load it." -Katie