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Good Morning! This morning we’d love to share with you all some wedding dress trends that we are absolutely loving right now. We love when our brides aren’t afraid to step outside of what is typical or expected and embrace their unique style. From interesting necklines to the most amazing beading, the dresses we've seen this year have completely blown us away! Here are our top five favorite bridal gown trends that we are currently loving!


Remember when every lace dress looked exactly the same? Times have changed! So many of our designers are playing with different types of lace and different lace placement, creating unique, new looks with a classic material. 

unique lace wedding gown


Not a fan of lace? Or maybe you're looking for something with a little more wow- factor? We've gotten some of the most intricate, gorgeous beaded gowns this year and we are so in love! This Karen Willis Holmes gown is one of our favorite beaded beauties.

beaded long sleeve wedding gown

beaded long sleeve bridal gown


Ivory is classic but there's something special about incorporating a little bit of color. A lot of our brides are choosing grey, blue and nudes over the classic ivory, adding a little personality to their gown! 


The illusion of a deep v or an open back adds a little modesty and a lot of intrigue. We love how it highlights scalloped lace or intricate beading while giving you the silhouette that fits you. 

illusion neckline wedding dress


Sometimes less in more. We've been loving gowns that are simple and elegant, focusing on the architectural aspects of the dress without any added extravagance. Anyone else think these Alexandra Grecco gowns are absolutely amazing?! 

simple ivory wedding gown

simple bridal gown

high low wedding gown


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Photography: Redden Photography, Pretty Flamingo Photography, MK Sadler, Clancey James Creative 

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