wedding shoes

Deciding on accessories can require a lot of thought after you’ve selected your dress. And honestly, sometimes the accessories can be the hardest part! Envisioning and piecing the whole look together can be overwhelming - and shoes? Where do you even start? Something fun and colorful? Classic ivory or nude? The task can be a bit daunting but there's a couple factors we feel like help narrow the search. 


The last thing you want to feel on your wedding day is uncomfortable. When deciding on a shoe, make sure you take the time to walk around in them and see if you’ll be able to stand wearing them through the ceremony, pictures, and reception.

Bring Options

There’s no rule that says you have to stay in your heels all day. Consider finding a comfortable pair of wedges, or if you’re into it: a pair of cute sneakers.

Heel Height

The height of your heel is extremely important, especially when it comes to alterations. You’ll want to make sure you find your shoes before you have a hem done to your dress. If you pick something too tall, you run into the problem of having your feet show under the dress.

Your Something Blue

Have your shoes be your something blue! This is a fun way to stick with tradition and go a little outside the box at the same time.