Finding your wedding dress isn't the only important detail for your wedding day! The way you accessorize your dress can bring the whole look together. Ashley Schenkein is one of our local jewelry designers who's dedicated to providing brides with pieces that not only make them feel beautiful, but are unique to their own style. 

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 Meet Ashley

Ashley Schenkein Jewelry Design


How long have you been designing? 

Officially, I've been designing since the inception of Ashley Schenkein Jewelry Design—that's been 11 years now. Unofficially...I've always been creatively inclined and design-minded. I come from a family of creative business people. I learned so much about working on both sides of my brain from my father, who owned a successful Advertising and PR shop in Denver for years. I feel like life has taken me on a really fun ride thus far, but some part of me knows that this designer journey was inevitable. 


How did you get into designing jewelry? 

I was living in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, pursuing a career in Spanish-language translation for medical patients when, I guess you could say, I experienced a calling. I was shopping in town, in a beautiful boutique and found myself admiring a collection of handmade jewelry. I had this sudden swell of inspiration to create my own collection of jewelry. I sort of lost my mind for a moment and approached the person working there—who happened to be the owner—and asked if they were ever looking for new designers. Turns out they were and, before I knew it, I had talked myself into an appointment to come back and present the collection. Mind you, this collection was basically just a concept in my head but I was all-in.  I left as calmly as I could, trying my best to look like everything that had just happened was part of the plan, all along. Then, I rushed home and got to work. The next four days were sort of a blur, as worked non-stop on my living room floor to produce the collection. When I walked back into the boutique to present the collection, I couldn't believe how smoothly it went—she ended up purchasing every single piece I had. I walked out of the boutique on a cloud. I was smiling like a crazy person and suddenly had a new direction and sense of purpose. I felt empowered and fortunate and wanted more! That was the day Ashley Schenkein Jewelry Design was born. 


What is your favorite part about designing jewelry? 

In addition to our studio collection—what we call the Global Collection—I really cherish the custom work I do with my clients. There's something so special about working with people to meld my knowledge of jewelry design and construction with the vision of their most perfect ring...that may sound cheesy but I really do love it. I get to be a part of their journey and it's just so fulfilling to lend guidance where needed, in addition to bringing that fairytale ring out of her (or his) imagination and into reality. 


What is your favorite piece of jewelry right now? 

Right now I am loving my new solid gold and diamond bar necklace from our fine jewelry collection. I love that it's delicate, pretty and I literally wear it all the time. It wears well during the day and looks beautiful dressed up for a night out-on-the-town. Today I'm wearing a simple gray t-shirt and it's the perfect piece to add a little glam and sparkle pop. 


Since you are a bride right now, what is your advice to bride picking out their jewelry? 

I like a mix of some pieces of jewelry that are special or have sentimental meaning and something that is very in-tune with your current style. If you have a more simplistic dress (e.g. not a lot of beading, design elements, etc.), I would recommend totally going for it with the jewelry, as it will look great in pictures and add that right amount of sparkle. If you have a lot going on with your dress, I would pick just a few very special pieces that have enough sparkle to carry the look of your dress without feeling fussy. Regardless of what you pick, you have to pick jewelry that makes you feel beautiful and feels true to your style. The last thing to keep in mind is all the special days and nights down the road, that you can wear your jewelry. We create pieces that will live on with you for years and years. That way, you can wear your special necklace to that anniversary dinner and it's a sweet reminder of your special day.  


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What pieces of jewelry are you wearing for your wedding? 

Oh, I love this question! For earrings, I designed a pair of diamond stud earrings with a halo, that I created with diamonds from my grandmother’s wedding band. For necklaces, I'm doing two: A very simple custom piece with a diamond that has been in my fiancé’s family for 4 generations, and a necklace from my Global Collection (Melrose Collection). And for my something borrowed and something blue, it's an antique star sapphire ring from my mom. There is a lot of intricate beading on the top of my dress so I’m not going crazy with the jewelry. It is just enough to make it feel special without competing with the dress. 


Want to check out Ashley's collection yourself? Join us for our Local Designer Pop-Up Thursday May 31st from 5-8pm! Enjoy sips and snacks while you check out jewelry from our local accessory designers! The designers can even help you create something custom if you can’t find what you're looking for!