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Finding your wedding dress is easily one of the biggest tasks on your to-do list while wedding planning. With so much to remember and think about, it’s also easy to forget to ask the right questions to your stylist before, during, and after your first dress appointment.  We’ve pulled together five different tips and questions to ask your stylist.

What’s my budget?

Have a dress budget? Make sure you let your stylist know what you plan on spending so that they can help you find the perfect dress at the right price point. 

Should I bring anything with me?

Yes! You will want make sure you are wearing nude undergarments (especially underwear). Your stylist will be in the dressing room with you helping you into gowns, so you want to be prepared. If you forget, don't worry! We got you! We have spanx, bras and cups for customers to use. 

Am I good on timing?

Timing is huge when it comes to selecting your wedding dress. It’s important to let your stylist know when your wedding date is, because some dresses can take between 6-9 months to be delivered to the salon. If your wedding planning is on a short timeline, it’s much better to inform your stylist so they can help you find dresses that you can get quickly. 

What about alterations?

Don’t forget to ask about alterations! You want to make sure that your wedding dress fits you perfectly on the big day. Try to plan for at least 3 months of working with a seamstress. Alterations are an extra cost outside of the actual price of the dress, so make sure to plan accordingly with your budget so it’s not a surprise expense later.

Should I bring pictures of dresses I already know I like?

Absolutely, yes! Bring anything that can help your stylist envision how you imagine yourself on your wedding day. Try looking at dresses from different designers that the salon carries via their website so you can have an idea ahead of time of what you’re liking as well. Your stylist will appreciate it.
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