REAL BRIDE | Kim & Jason

Just when we thought we've seen every possible type of wedding, Kim & Jason's photos popped into our inbox. Jason is from New Zealand so when they got engaged Kim knew it was the most perfect opportunity for the ultimate destination wedding!  These images are so gorgeous; hands down one of the most stunning wedding venues we have ever seen. Since we don't see a lot of weddings from across the world we asked Kim to describe their trip for us. We hope you enjoy! 

"Our priorities were two-fold.  We were so humbled and grateful that so many people made the long journey to NZ, so we wanted to make sure the wedding was absolutely spectacular and filled with must-see sights for their trip.  We had almost 20 people stay two extra weeks, and we all traveled around the South Island together, which was undoubtedly the best time of my life!  Our other priority was the photography.  We hit the jackpot with our photographer.  He did an excellent job of capturing every moment and person...and even coordinated our helicopter trip to the top of Mount Roy's Peak, for the most surreal photos I could imagine! Honestly, it sounds cheesy to say but it was all so damn perfect.  There is not one thing I would've changed about the entire thing - it was the best time of my life and I could not feel more thankful."

Photographer:   Rich Bayley | Hair:  Sara Bollati  | Venue:  Rippon Winery, Wanaka New Zealand | Flowers:   Flowers by Design Wanaka