A Simple Guide for Choosing a Fabulous Boho Wedding Dress

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Your wedding day is your chance to shine, and if you are drawn to the free-spirited, unconventional style of Bohemian fashion, then a Boho wedding dress is the way to go. Choosing such a dress is all about embracing your individuality and celebrating the beauty of nature and free-spirited style. Keep these tips in mind and you will find the perfect Boho wedding dress.


  • Embrace the boho aesthetic

Boho fashion is all about free-flowing, natural fabrics and a relaxed, carefree vibe. Look for dresses made from lightweight materials like lace, chiffon, or silk. Think ethereal and effortless.

  • Embellishments and details

Boho dresses often feature intricate lacework, embroidery, or beading. These details add a touch of bohemian elegance. Consider a dress with floral appliques, fringe, or crochet for that perfect Boho flair.

  • Flowing silhouettes

Boho wedding dresses typically have loose, flowing silhouettes that allow for ease of movement. A-line, sheath, or empire waist designs are popular choices. These styles are comfortable and exude Bohemian charm.

  • Natural colors

While white is a classic choice for wedding dresses, Boho brides often opt for more natural, earthy tones like ivory, champagne, or even soft pastels. These colors blend seamlessly with outdoor and rustic settings.

  • Accessorize thoughtfully

Complete your Boho look with the right accessories. Floral crowns, beaded headpieces and vintage jewelry can enhance your Bohemian style. Barefoot sandals or suede boots can add a touch of whimsy.

  • Personalize your boho dress

Do not be afraid to customize your dress to make it truly yours, check out the amazing Boho wedding dress shop in Denver with a wonderful selection. Consider adding unique elements like a detachable cape, a slit, or an open back for a personalized touch.