how to travel with wedding dressReady to set sail into wedding week?! One of the things you (hopefully) have thought about by now is how exactly you’re going to transport your wedding dress to your venue. Whether you’re having a destination wedding, or a wedding down the street, we’ve compiled a few tips and tricks to make sure your dress gets to the wedding in the most pristine condition as possible.

Talk with Your Airline

Call ahead and talk with a customer representative so you can explain your situation and discuss options to get your dress from point A to B. They’ll be able to help you get your garment bag up to “code” and reassure you that your dress will make it to the wedding safe and sound. Make sure you don’t want to check your wedding dress in case your luggage gets lost along your travels. Keep your dress within eyesight at all times.

Hang The Gown

Your dress will be pressed and steamed when you pick up your gown! To minimize wrinkling, try to hang the gown whenever possible! If you are driving you can also lay it across the back seat.

Ask the Experts

Before you pick up the gown, check with your seamstress if she has any suggestions on how to travel with the gown. Each dress is slightly different and they will know best!

Bring Anything You Need to Prepare the Dress

Just to be safe, pack a small steamer, iron and sewing kit. You never know what may happen and you want to make sure you’re prepared ahead of time. The last thing you want is to be walking down the aisle in a wrinkled dress.