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We personally think one of the sweetest moments during a wedding ceremony are the happy couple’s personal vows to each other. Need help writing your own to your honey? Here’s a helpful list of how to write the perfect wedding vows to read aloud on your big day.

Read Vow Examples

Watch wedding videos or look online to see examples of vows that have already been written for someone else. This will help you to have some inspiration while you’re writing your own.

Make it Personal, But Don’t Share Too Much

While your vows are extremely intimate and a time to share your love with your future spouse, be mindful that you are also sharing these words with all the guests at your wedding. You may not want to share any story that could be embarrassing to say in front of his/her parents.

Write a Couple Rough Drafts

Start jotting down notes about your relationship, and work off of that. Writing your vows isn’t something you’re going to want to finish in one sitting, you may think of things to add or take away later on.

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